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Our contract locating team has a passion for quality and understands that this, along with our other guiding principles and our highly skilled staff and management, are what set us apart from our competition. URG’s main goal is to protect customer facilities while maintaining the highest standards of safety and integrity in the industry. In this regard, URG management has implemented methods to insure that the highest quality of work is consistently performed in the field. Each month, our Field Supervisors and Quality Auditor perform hundreds of quality audits of our work to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of team members and also provide insight on how to best encourage further growth and excellence of our staff.

Why Contract Locating?

There are numerous benefits to using a contract locating contractor.

  • Improved customer service due to the reduction of service outages caused by outside construction.

  • In house manpower being used for locating can be utilized in revenue generating operations.

  • Reduced damages and increased recoupment lead to more money for system expansion and customer growth.

  • Improved overall system operation.

  • Coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  


The URG Difference

There are a lot of companies that provide underground facility locating service. What distinguishes URG is our commitment to quality, real time access, customer service, professionalism, and experience. At URG, we focus our attention on not just marking a line, but also helping to prevent damages.

Real-time Access

URG has invested in innovative technology which allows unlimited access to work performed in the field in real time. We are currently using the Digtrac Ticket Management System which allows our customers to instantly check the status of tickets, see what work was performed in the field, and once completed, view photos of the marked facilities. This level of transparency is unheard of in the industry and helps make our relationships with our customers a true partnership.

Customer Service

Our relationships with our customers and the service we provide to them are critical to our success. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and expectations. We also have monthly meetings with our customers to discuss any issues and review performance.  


All of our employees present a professional image by wearing company uniforms and carrying company identification. Our company vehicles are all newer vehicles with a company logo on both doors and all of our vehicles are equipped with wireless laptop computers. Our computers also allow our customers to supply us with their prints in electronic format.  


The URG contract locating team is composed of damage prevention specialists that average over 6 years of locating experience, resulting in valuable knowledge of utility infrastructure and customer needs. Our management team of Field Managers, Field Supervisors, and a dedicated Quality and Safety Auditor, has over 60 years of combined field experience handling multiple utilities in multiple states. We know and understand the contract locating business.

Providing such a high standard of service allows our customers to invest valuable resources such as time and people, into revenue generating operations rather than repairing damaged facilities. URG consistently strives to earn a reputation as a recognized and respected leader in the utility contracting industry. With an ever growing number of service providers in the utility contracting industry, maintaining customer satisfaction is the key to continued success.   


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